What Is Spirit?

AtomSpirit is energy.  Science has shown that everything is composed of energy.  In order to have a material effect, energy requires some kind of form, medium, apparatus, or body in which to manifest.  Sound waves need a radio device to be audible, television transmissions need a TV set to produce pictures and sound, electricity needs a light bulb to produce light, Spirit needs a soul in which to provide life, and the life energy, that is a soul, requires a physical form or body to manifest in materiality.  From the simplest of life forms to the most complex human body, all contain a soul, those of the lower forms have group souls, but humans have individual souls.

In the beginning, Spirit required some kind of form for expression.  This Spirit has many names, the most common of which is “God.”  This “Holy Spirit” is the source of creation, creation being the means through which Spirit expresses Itself to be made known.  The highest forms of all creation are humans, each of whom contain a soul that gives life through the Spirit within it.  There is only one Spirit of which we are all a part.

We are all familiar with spirit without actually being aware of it.  In addition to providing the life force within us that we take for granted, there are times when we actually are able to feel spirit.  One example is the enthusiasm called school spirit, team spirit, Christmas spirit, national spirit and such.  It is an energy within that is real and can be felt as part of the body.  Intentions, motivations, and desires are all part of spirit and, depending upon the direction they are given by will, may be classified as good or evil.  These are forces through which real consequences may be created in the material world, and that every human has the ability to direct.  In this way we are co-creators with God – a responsibility few ever consider or understand.