The Fatima Secret

In my book, Spirit and Truth, there is an explanation of the way in which human evolution was advanced in the beginning through a change in DNA caused by radiation. This occurred as the earth traveled through strong magnetic fields that were a part of its cyclic path through space. This is destined to occur once again as our solar system returns to an area of high radioactivity as it begins a new cycle. The purpose of the radiation in this place in space is to bring about a new race of man. Its effects will bring about a new consciousness in which all will live in peace and allow the second coming of Christ to occur. This is destined to occur and everyone should be aware, not only of the fact that it will happen, but of its significance to the human race.

The path of our solar system is taking us into an area of extreme energetic forces. See “Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery.” In the extreme, this radiation could shower the earth with radioactivity, while once more changing the evolutionary pattern of mankind. The prophecies, of Fatima and Garabandal particularly, contained warnings from Mary (the mother of Jesus) of a terrible chastisement if people did not change their selfish and materialistic ways.

However, a major shift in consciousness appears to be happening as evidenced by the increasing number of people who are publicly demonstrating their own consciousness shift and offering their help to others. Several websites such as Miracles of Mind, and Integral Enlightenment, along with Facebook pages and YouTube videos, are appearing to help those who are seeking a deeper meaning to life. Signs seem to be everywhere that old ideas are being replaced by new ways of thinking and being. It is important to understand that each person’s contribution to this shift contributes to the whole and hastens the possibility of world peace. We each have a vital part to play in events that will affect the future of our world, our children and ourselves.

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