Creation According to John
In the Bible’s Gospel of John the beginning of creation is described as the expression of sound through the “Word” of God. This is the Word through which all things were made.

The use of “Word” in this biblical passage indicates the concept of speech or sound, and may be taken to imply a connection with vibration. In this way it is an appropriate symbol since everything in creation vibrates, including sound and light. John most likely did not know about the vibratory nature of creation before his mystical experience, and he chose a particularly suitable way to express what he encountered through this insight. In his translation of this same biblical passage, Yogananda described this “Word” as vibratory sound with the power to produce matter, thus creating all things. He also stated that this Word existed from the very beginning as God’s first manifestation of creation. This is the “Word made flesh” in the person called Jesus.

Creation as Vibration
The idea of vibration as a fundamental part of everything is supported by quantum physics, which states that all things vibrate because everything is composed of energy. Based on this idea, quantum theorists believe they should be able to construct a “theory of everything,” a single mathematical formula that could describe every force in the universe and, to this end, several “string theories” have been proposed. However, none of these theories have been verified scientifically nor have they been fully accepted by the scientific community as yet. This is because these vibrating strings are smaller than sub-atomic particles and are impossible to be seen or easily tested according to scientific standards.

These theories suggest that our reality is composed of a multitude of vibrations, or vibrating strings, that have different vibratory or resonant patterns and are, therefore, infinitely varied. These superstrings are imagined to combine in a multitude of ways to produce a variety of fundamental forces. In a NOVA television broadcast on PBS called The Elegant Universe, these strings are represented as vibrating rubber-band-like figures that are constantly moving and changing shape. It is thought that these vibrating strings are able to produce matter, and Brian Greene’s superstring theory even seems to point to the existence of several dimensions beyond our own.

While science seems to be getting closer to spiritual truths, these truths have been realized previously by people who have had spiritual experiences. Although his language may be poetic in nature, Jakob Boehme (1575-1624) expressed much the same idea as the String Theory – something he could not have imagined in his lifetime. Sounding as though he is describing the Music of the Spheres, he wrote that God manifests into properties that are “his strings … tuned for great harmony.” He explained that God has manifested into properties that produce living creatures in which He “possesses the degrees” and “plays in the Properties” which are His “Strings … tuned for the great Harmony of his Eternal Speaking Word.” And again in another work he wrote, “so that each being may be a true sounding string in God’s harmonious concert.”

Yogananda viewed the Holy Spirit as being the creative vibration that produces matter by varying the rates of vibration, thereby building the basic sub-atomic structures of all things. He defined matter as relatively fixed vibrations of God’s consciousness but he described thought as God’s moving, progressive consciousness, the basic unit of creation that produces infinite transformations.

Edgar Cayce also indicated that creation consists of vibrations. He stated that every vibration is a manifestation of the Creator, as is all force, including the vibrations that produce electricity and life. Electricity is the same vibratory force or power, Cayce said, that is God in action. Just like Yogananda, Boehme, and the String Theory, Cayce equated this vibratory, creative force as the power that determines the nature of a thing. Accordingly, this power is a universal energy that is in everything and its source is God. This idea was evident in several of Cayce’s readings.

Dale Pond agreed that energy and substance are the same thing, their common link being vibration. These vibrations, he stated, have an infinite variety of frequencies as they change from one periodic state to another.

Eckhart Tolle also said that there is a vibrational energy field that gives life to the body, and this field is raised when higher levels of consciousness are reached. This follows along with Cayce’s comment that life is vibration. From this it can be understood that all things are composed of God’s consciousness which consists of vibrations.

These paragraphs have been taken from my book, SPIRIT AND TRUTH, where the sources of information are also provided.