Wake Up People!

Don’t you understand that, in whatever circumstance you find yourself, it is of your own creation? You are reaping whatever you have sown. Only you are responsible for the life you have, and you will continue to have, until you make the necessary changes – to your attitudes, your desires, your dislikes, your habits, your way of being. It is only through sowing the seeds of tolerance, respect, humility, patience, forgiveness, acceptance and LOVE that you can reap happiness, contentment, peace and joy. Expecting different results when trying to change things outside yourself without making any changes inside yourself just doesn’t work. It has to begin with a change of mind, of attitude, of heart. Learn to sit quietly without distractions, look within and listen to the small, still voice that is calling you to awaken. If you want things to change, the change has to come from within. It is up to you to choose, not only the kind of life you have now, but the quality of life that will be yours in the future. Change your mind and change your world.

Just Imagine

Just take a moment and imagine – if all the people that annoy and irritate you, make you angry, bitter and feel worthless were suddenly found to be angels in disguise who had come to earth merely for the purpose of aiding in your awakening to the fact that it is not they who cause you pain but the constant drama created by your own mind – would you feel differently about them? In fact, all these annoying people come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves that needs improvement. Once we see all the annoyances in our lives as teaching moments we can begin to let go of all the negative emotional baggage that the ego constantly feeds us in order to protect its own survival. Recognize the “thought forms” your mind creates that make you miserable – accept them as your own creations and lovingly let them go. This will provide space for more positive growth, love and peace to enter into you.

Man as God’s Image

According to the first book of the Bible: God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26) What is the meaning of man being made as the image of God?

Genesis tells us that God’s first creation was light. But this light was not the light of the sun and moon because the sun and moon were not created until the fourth day, and the “light” was created on the first day. This “light” that was created in the beginning, before anything else, is the “light” of consciousness.

Man is created on the sixth and last day, before God rested on the seventh. By “man” we mean the human race as a whole, and by “God” we mean the Source of all things, generally thought of as the “Father.”

We are told by the mystics that God has no form, place, or attributes. There is no way to describe God because there is nothing there to describe. There is only an incomprehensible darkness in which all things are contained, but not expressed as form. All things are ONE without distinction or properties within the Source.

Consciousness is symbolized as “light” in the Bible because without light there is only darkness, signifying incomprehension. Without consciousness there is no way to perceive anything. So the first requirement of the Source was to create some “means” through which all that was contained within it could be expressed and recognized. This “means” eventually evolved into man whose consciousness comes from the “light” that was created in the beginning. It is through man’s deepest consciousness that God is able to perceive all that was created. This occurs when a single human being reaches a state called Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or God realization.

Without consciousness man cannot perceive anything. Under anesthesia when the mind is no longer conscious, nothing is perceived. There is no time, no place, no existence, no awareness. This is much the same as God as the Source, or the “Father,” before “light” was created.

Once consciousness occurs a perception begins. In a newborn baby this perception is vague and becomes clearer in stages. We are told by the mystics that, in the beginning, all things were without form or shape, the Oneness of all things gradually becoming clearer and separating into forms of various sorts.

Our thoughts begin as notions that have no defined source, but appear as if from nowhere. These notions or vague feelings have no form at first, but as the light of consciousness recognizes them, they form ideas, and then they expand into words in our heads. These words are then given the energy of intention, desire or motivation, and become sounds or actions in the physical world. In this way, we become co-creators with God, bringing into the physical universe a manifestation of the “light” of consciousness within.

The energy of intention, desire, or motivation can be directed by will to a negative, positive, or neutral expression. We are most familiar with the positive and negative, but with the shift in consciousness that is now upon us, we need to recognize and use the neutral way. The neutral way is the place where both negative and positive again become ONE. It is called LOVE.

A more detailed explanation of these concepts is available in my book, SPIRIT AND TRUTH, FINDING CLARIFICATION OF CHRISTIAN BELIEFS THROUGH THE WORDS OF SCIENTISTS, SCRIPTURES, SAGES AND SEERS available on amazon.com.

Mind Is the Builder.

God’s Mind is the original builder – a place of infinite possibilities, through which all things came to be. Within the Mind of God all things were conceived and brought to fruition. There, vibrations of spiritual energy condense into light, life-force, protons, electrons, atoms, and molecules, eventually reaching our dimension in which physical matter is produced.
Since man is the image of God, man’s mind may also conceive and bring forth material manifestations from spirit. In our three-dimensional experience, these manifestations begin as pure thought energies that form attitudes, desires, intentions, and motivations, eventually producing words and actions.
Waves of energy, like those of light and sound, are taken into the body through the mind’s windows of the five senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching/feeling). From these energies, received through mind, the soul’s body is formed. The soul’s body, which is composed of vibratory energies, is “built” through the energies continuously taken in through the mind.
That which the mind continuously “feeds” upon provides “food” for the soul. As the senses take in content, impressions are formed. Impressions become thoughts and thoughts become desires, intentions, motivations, and attitudes. Consistent motivations and attitudes become actions, and consistent actions become habits. Habits, or consistent ways of thinking and acting, form the personality and define who we are as physical beings.
Vibrations of energy, taken in through the senses, feed the mind, which in turn, feed the soul. You are what you eat in the physical sense, but what you become depends upon what you “feed” your mind. In this way, mind is the builder.
The positive power of the mind is emphasized in the beautiful, 30-minute meditation, “Asking for nothing, receiving everything,” available on our Meditations Page.