Self Repair


When all is well it is impossible to know that something needs fixing – it isn’t until the dishwasher leaks, or the lamp won’t turn on, that we know some repair is required. It’s the same way with the energy we hold inside ourselves. There is no way to know it is out of balance until we encounter a situation that informs us of a need to change. This comes as stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, disappointment and a host of other negative emotions. Unless these emotions are recognized for what they are, and released, they will continue to be a source of upset. The repair that is needed is a change in the way the problems are thought about. When we consider the problem as a wake-up call to make an internal change rather than as a source of annoyance, we can go about the work of transforming a stumbling block into a stepping stone. This is done by consciously feeling the negative energy, recognizing it as our own creation, and lovingly accepting it as a need within. That need is always one of love – it is a part of our selves that isn’t loved and is in deep need of it. So we give it love. When we love those parts of ourselves that aren’t very lovable, the negative energy is neutralized with positive energy, causing it to lessen. Once we have recognized the anger, hurt, frustration, etc. that is part of our selves and have given it love, we can lovingly release it with a big sigh of relief. Depending upon the strength of the negative energy it may take several attempts to completely dissolve it. With each successive encounter we have that brings up the same old emotions, the strength of the energy should not be as powerful and be more easily released. This is also learning to love self by recognizing our self worth – the value inherent within ourselves. It is not an egotistical love or a feeling of superiority, it is a humble recognition of who we are as spirits of light, as children of God.

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Happiness Is an Inside Job

Reading all the self-help books in the world won’t make us happy because happiness is a state of being. This means that we can’t get happy; we either are happy or we are not. Happiness comes from a sense of satisfaction with who we are. If we are constantly expressing a negative mood or attitude it will be impossible to find happiness. We may think we are happy but we won’t feel happy.

Happiness comes from within one’s self and begins with attitude. Having an “attitude of gratitude” is a way to begin to be happy. Find some single thing each day for which you are thankful. It might be a warm shower or a good friend, a good meal or a sunny day. There are many things for which we can be thankful that we often take for granted.

People who have been successful according to the world’s standards often are not happy. Success as the world measures it depends upon the accumulation of things outside ourselves such as wealth and possessions. True happiness does not depend upon circumstances or possessions. But happiness does go hand-in-hand with success. True success is knowing that I am becoming the person I want to be – my ideal self. At the core of our being we are each desirous of becoming our real Self – which is a being of light. This is attained by being the best person we can be at every moment of every day. By setting a standard, or ideal, of the kind of person we want to become, we also become more aware of our accomplishments and failures. Failures show us where more effort is required, and difficult situations present opportunities to practice that effort. As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Happiness is an inside job!

Wake Up People!

Don’t you understand that, in whatever circumstance you find yourself, it is of your own creation? You are reaping whatever you have sown. Only you are responsible for the life you have, and you will continue to have, until you make the necessary changes – to your attitudes, your desires, your dislikes, your habits, your way of being. It is only through sowing the seeds of tolerance, respect, humility, patience, forgiveness, acceptance and LOVE that you can reap happiness, contentment, peace and joy. Expecting different results when trying to change things outside yourself without making any changes inside yourself just doesn’t work. It has to begin with a change of mind, of attitude, of heart. Learn to sit quietly without distractions, look within and listen to the small, still voice that is calling you to awaken. If you want things to change, the change has to come from within. It is up to you to choose, not only the kind of life you have now, but the quality of life that will be yours in the future. Change your mind and change your world.