Self Repair


When all is well it is impossible to know that something needs fixing – it isn’t until the dishwasher leaks, or the lamp won’t turn on, that we know some repair is required. It’s the same way with the energy we hold inside ourselves. There is no way to know it is out of balance until we encounter a situation that informs us of a need to change. This comes as stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, disappointment and a host of other negative emotions. Unless these emotions are recognized for what they are, and released, they will continue to be a source of upset. The repair that is needed is a change in the way the problems are thought about. When we consider the problem as a wake-up call to make an internal change rather than as a source of annoyance, we can go about the work of transforming a stumbling block into a stepping stone. This is done by consciously feeling the negative energy, recognizing it as our own creation, and lovingly accepting it as a need within. That need is always one of love – it is a part of our selves that isn’t loved and is in deep need of it. So we give it love. When we love those parts of ourselves that aren’t very lovable, the negative energy is neutralized with positive energy, causing it to lessen. Once we have recognized the anger, hurt, frustration, etc. that is part of our selves and have given it love, we can lovingly release it with a big sigh of relief. Depending upon the strength of the negative energy it may take several attempts to completely dissolve it. With each successive encounter we have that brings up the same old emotions, the strength of the energy should not be as powerful and be more easily released. This is also learning to love self by recognizing our self worth – the value inherent within ourselves. It is not an egotistical love or a feeling of superiority, it is a humble recognition of who we are as spirits of light, as children of God.

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Just Imagine

Just take a moment and imagine – if all the people that annoy and irritate you, make you angry, bitter and feel worthless were suddenly found to be angels in disguise who had come to earth merely for the purpose of aiding in your awakening to the fact that it is not they who cause you pain but the constant drama created by your own mind – would you feel differently about them? In fact, all these annoying people come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves that needs improvement. Once we see all the annoyances in our lives as teaching moments we can begin to let go of all the negative emotional baggage that the ego constantly feeds us in order to protect its own survival. Recognize the “thought forms” your mind creates that make you miserable – accept them as your own creations and lovingly let them go. This will provide space for more positive growth, love and peace to enter into you.