More Guns or Fewer? – I have the answer, but you probably don’t want to hear it –

The killing of innocent children as well as adults has fueled the argument over whether we should have more or fewer guns. However, the argument ignores the need for more responsibility on the part of each one of us. This responsibility has nothing to do with guns – it is the responsibility of each of us to our God and to our neighbor.

I can hear you saying – Where was God when the innocents were being killed? – and I respond by saying that He has always been with us but we choose to ignore Him. I suggest the analogy of submerging ourselves in water. The air is freely available but if we choose to have our own way, do our own thing, demand our right to do what pleases us, and what pleases us is to remain submerged where there is no air, we cut ourselves off from its life-giving quality and condemn ourselves to suffocation.

Similarly, we can proclaim our “right” to do what pleases us without regard to its consequences and then cast blame on guns, the criminally insane, the irresponsible, bad parenting, video games, movies, TV, God, or any other scapegoat we might happen to think of or dislike that is outside of us. Everyone can find some one or some thing to blame, but no one can provide a solution to the problem that will finally and absolutely solve it.

I have the answer – but you don’t want to hear it. If you did, you would not be complaining because you would understand that the problem is not outside ourselves but inside ourselves. It is not an answer that people might consider because it has nothing to do with “doing.” Instead it has to do with “being” through our inner consciousness. It is the inner consciousness of separation (them vs. us), of denial (it’s their fault), of fear. It is a consciousness of a darkness that overcomes us while we worship it, enabling it to gain more strength within us while we blame everything and anything outside ourselves. And as this darkness gains power it causes more destruction in a multitude of ways both through man and through nature.

How much more will it take before we fall on our knees and cry out – “God save us from ourselves for we perish!”? How much more will it take before we understand that evil begets evil, and darkness cannot be conquered, but is only strengthened, by adding more darkness as separation, fear and hate?

So what is the answer? It is simple, not complicated at all – but it is not easy. The answer is LOVE. Love is the LIGHT that will dispel the darkness – but it can only do that if EVERY ONE OF US chooses to love.

We are conditioned to believe that power is gained by “doing” according to material means – through weapons, war, killing, destruction – and we are being shown that physical power and destruction is not the answer –physical power solves nothing – physical power only brings destruction, anxiety, stress, loss, and misery.

If we want joy, if we want harmony, if we want peace, we have to BE that peace, that harmony, that joy. But in order to have any of these we have to tend to what is inside us, not what is outside of us. We have to honor the God within every human being, regardless of how difficult that may be. But first we have to honor the God within ourselves for it is the self-ishness or ego orientation that keeps us from honoring our Creator. It is our worship of this false god of self within us that demands its rights without regard to the consequences, that fears its own destruction when it is overpowered by Love. This worship of the ego is the sin of pride and selfishness in which the first commandment to worship only the one, true God of Love, is broken.

All law is fulfilled when we love God above all else and our neighbors as ourselves. How much do we actually love ourselves when we abuse our bodies, the temples of God? How much do we love our neighbors when we think of them as unworthy for one reason or another? How much do we love God when we cease to believe in Him except to blame Him for what we have brought upon ourselves?

Yes, the answer is LOVE through cooperation with the God within us and outside of us. LOVE is the LIGHT that will dispel the darkness. There is no other way – just think about it. If everyone in the world had the power to kill, the last person alive would be the victor – of what? If everyone in the world had love within them there would be no need for power over another – think about it. What will it take to convince you – more disasters – more killings?

I hear you saying – Yes, but what you are talking about is an ideal way that does not exist, an ideal that cannot be accomplished. – And I would answer that the prayers of a few can save many, and the prayers of many can save many more. We don’t realize the power of prayer, of intention tuned to Love. The heartfelt energy of Love has been shown to be a powerful way to change conditions around us and can only be proven if it is applied and tested. As one consciousness is raised to God, the ability of others is made possible to do the same because we are all united in the one consciousness of God. When one is raised up, so will many be raised up as well.

medjugorje2Our Heavenly Mother has been asking us to come back to her Son for a long time now. She has appeared over the last several centuries in countries around the world. She has been pleading with us to re-think our materialistic ways and to understand that there can be no peace on earth until we find our way back to more spiritual values. She has been warning us that peace will be accomplished, either through great sorrow or through joy – it is up to EACH ONE OF US to decide. Choose thou!

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