Emotions and Feelings

Everything is energy including the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel as a result of those thoughts. This energy has been referred to as “spirit.” We talk about “school spirit” and the “Christmas spirit” but what we are actually describing is the energy felt within ourselves. The Spirit, or energy within us, gives us life and is creative. When we have strong desires or intentions they will lead us to some creative action toward their fulfillment. The spirit in which we act can manifest as helpful or harmful, both to ourselves and others.

Ideally, energy flows throughout our bodies bringing optimum health and well-being that is sustained through a positive connection to Spirit. Negative emotional energy that is expressed severs this link and allows the energy of negative circumstances to manifest in our lives. When negative emotional energy is repressed it remains inside us blocking the flow of life-giving Spirit causing stress and dis-ease. The source of these repressed energies may be hidden in our sub-conscious mind but can be healed as opportunities arise causing them to surface. It is then that we can allow them to be, without giving them expression, instead lovingly accepting them as parts of ourselves that require healing, then releasing them by letting them go.

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