YinYangBefore creation began, nothing existed that our human minds can comprehend. With creation, a duality existed between what had been, and what came to be. This duality was a kind of distinction between creation and its Source. The Source remained as it had always been, but now it contained another aspect of Itself, as that which It had created. All was one and yet there was a difference between the Source and Its creation.

This is very much like thinking a thought. The creator of the thought remains the same while the thought exists within the thinker. The existence of a thought requires a thinker, just as creation requires a Source. A person who thinks, and the thought, are two distinct things, yet they are both one, the thought being dependent upon the thinker for its existence. A similar comparison, used by many spiritual Masters, is that creation is God’s dream.

This duality continued through creation until physical matter developed. The physical then became distinct from that which began it, or as we would term it, the physical universe became separated from its spiritual beginning. This duality of heaven and earth exists within the Source that sustains all of creation and is a part of it, yet is distinct from it. This distinction, or the concept of opposites, is the idea behind duality.

Duality is a part of creation and is necessary for its existence because, without it, all would be one. Duality, for our three-dimensional consciousness, provides the distinction between top and bottom, up and down, hot and cold, here and there (space), what was and what will be (time).

Duality is associated most often with good and evil because of the extremes either may produce. Rarely recognized is the balancing point of duality that is its Source. The Source is the “still point,” or point at which all extremes become one – where there is no time or place, good or evil. It is the place of “here” and “now,” where patience, compassion, tolerance, gratitude, and Love reside within each and every one of us.

These concepts are explained in greater detail in my book, Spirit and Truth, Finding Clarification of Christian Beliefs through the Words of Scientists, Scriptures, Sages and Seers.

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