Emotions and Feelings

Everything is energy including the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel as a result of those thoughts. This energy has been referred to as “spirit.” We talk about “school spirit” and the “Christmas spirit” but what we are actually describing is the energy felt within ourselves. The Spirit, or energy within us, gives us life and is creative. When we have strong desires or intentions they will lead us to some creative action toward their fulfillment. The spirit in which we act can manifest as helpful or harmful, both to ourselves and others.

Ideally, energy flows throughout our bodies bringing optimum health and well-being that is sustained through a positive connection to Spirit. Negative emotional energy that is expressed severs this link and allows the energy of negative circumstances to manifest in our lives. When negative emotional energy is repressed it remains inside us blocking the flow of life-giving Spirit causing stress and dis-ease. The source of these repressed energies may be hidden in our sub-conscious mind but can be healed as opportunities arise causing them to surface. It is then that we can allow them to be, without giving them expression, instead lovingly accepting them as parts of ourselves that require healing, then releasing them by letting them go.

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Did You Know?

Fragment of a Hellenistic relief ~ from the Walters Art Museum.

Fragment of a Hellenistic relief (1st century BC – 1st century AD) depicting the Twelve Olympian gods; from left to right, Hestia, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Artemis, Apollo ~ from the Walters Art Museum.

Many gods were worshiped in ancient times because it was believed that the highest god was unknowable and unreachable. This god was beyond comprehension, beyond the minds of humans, unable to be reached by consciousness. Therefore many lower gods were sought to intercede between humans and this ultimate god. Each lower god had a particular skill or purpose such as a god for rain, crops, fertility, good fortune etc. This has carried over into our times with the idea that saints can intercede for us. For example, St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals, and St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

For the early Christians, “the Father” God was that highest, unknowable and unreachable God. Therefore there was much meaning for them in the message of John 14:6 where Jesus is quoted as saying that, “I am the *way*, the truth, and the *life*. No one comes to the Father, except through me.” For them it meant that there was now a direct connection between them and the highest God.

When we think of consciousness as *life* force and the medium through which we gain perception of our world, we can also understand that our world view has continued to expand over time because consciousness is expanding. When our view of God the Father is seen as the unconscious part of ourselves (the Kingdom of God within us), where infinite possibility exists but is not yet created, then we can get an idea of the *Way* in which Jesus, through a perfectly harmonized human consciousness of Love, brought consciousness into the unconscious Source that was previously inaccessible. In this way, Jesus made God accessible to humans so that each of us, through a consciousness of perfect Love, could become one with the infinite Father God. This is the meaning of enlightenment, realization, and the Biblical passage:

Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us.” Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you such a long time, and do you not know me, Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father. How do you say, ‘Show us the Father?’ Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? The words that I tell you, I speak not from myself; but the Father who lives in me does his works. Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me; or else believe me for the very works’ sake. Most certainly I tell you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also; and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to my Father.” (John 14:8-12)

The Meaning of Easter

jesus_resurrection smaller Easter Sunday celebrates the rising from the dead of the man called Jesus. Having been crucified on a Friday, his body was laid in a cave-like tomb with a stone rolled across the entrance, as was the custom of the day. It was also the Jewish custom to anoint the body of the deceased, but this had not been possible because it was not allowed on a Saturday, which was the Sabbath or Jewish Holy Day. So the women went to the tomb early on Sunday to anoint the body, but they discovered that the body was not there.

We are told that Jesus consequently appeared to many of his followers, causing some to be afraid because they thought they were seeing a ghost. However, Jesus showed them that his body was just as solid and as real as their own by asking for food and eating it. This is basically the story of the resurrection.

What is different about this story from other stories telling of dead bodies being brought back to life (such as the raising of Lazarus) is that the body of Jesus was not the exact same physical body that had hung on the cross. His physical body had dissolved and his resurrected body was reconstructed from the vibratory light energy of his soul. Essentially, this was a result of Mind over matter in the ultimate sense, and it demonstrates the fact that the energy intake through the five senses builds the quality of the soul which, in turn, determines the quality of the physical body. Since everything is composed of energy (including the soul) the soul is built from the energy of our thoughts, words, actions and experiences that it “feeds” upon. This energy is then used to produce a physical body which will be formed according to the quality of the vibrations of the soul. It also demonstrates the meaning of “as we sow, so shall we reap” as well as being an argument for reincarnation.

So now the question is – why did Jesus have to die and what does all this mean for us? And the short answer is that we were given access to the Father God through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Let me explain:

First we have to imagine what it was like prior to creation – when the force or power that we call “God” was without form or substance – before time, place or things existed. Then, as scientists claim, there was a “big bang” causing chaos as massive amounts of energy began to move and coalesce into created “things.” From the spiritual standpoint, this “big bang” was the Son of God, His “first born,” the original emanation from which everything else was created. It was the Immaculate Conception through which all things were conceived in the now existing “Mind of God.” It consisted of a new dimension that was separate from, and yet one with, the original Source of formless, substanceless, timeless power that we call God – that which we think of as “the Father.” This was the initial awareness that required something of which to be aware – and so it brought about creation as we understand it today. It was the beginning of the Master Soul, of which we are all a part, having been conceived immaculately within the womb of creation.

The energy emanating through the Mind of God began creation through an infinite number of vibrations that blended into harmonies from waves of sound. Their fluctuations wavered between creation and the unbounded, eternal force that began them. This was the beginning of a cycle, a cycle being an integral part of vibration, vibration having been poetically described as God’s “Word” by John in the Bible. This cycle of creation continued throughout history as this single consciousness became lost in the myriad forms of its own making. As this consciousness became intimately connected to form, individual souls were nurtured and shaped by taking in vibrations of all that they experienced. One of these souls followed the course of the main spiritual cycle that was set in the beginning, and eventually it appeared on earth in the body that was called Jesus. Through his spirit-filled life, Jesus brought the fulfillment of the cyclic spiritual journey that began in the uncreated, formless, substanceless, timeless God in which there was no awareness (because there was nothing of which to be aware) to its end in a created, fully human individual with full awareness, and in whom that uncreated, formless, substanceless, timeless God could finally become aware of all of His creation. That is to say, God became consciously aware for the first time through the medium of a human’s consciousness. In this way, the resurrection of Jesus completed the cycle of Spirit.

The life of Jesus was a reflection of the Father Spirit or Source through which creation began and is sustained. By living a holy life, Jesus showed us the Way we must travel to get back to our roots, our beginning, our Source. Through his example, he showed us that we are all loved as children of God, and through his teaching we learned that our heritage is to become spiritual beings, capable of performing all the miracles of which He had the power, and even more.

In essence, Jesus showed us that we are on earth to cultivate and grow a spirit of love within us to form a vibratory condition for the soul that will enable it to merge with its Source. We are to become fully united again with God, so that God may become aware in us. This was not possible for any human being until Jesus gave his life. This was required of him through a physical body so that he could return its consciousness to the Father and provide a way for each of us to do the same. It required a complete giving up of self, a death that for us is the death of ego as it becomes transformed through integration with Spirit. It is then that our soul’s vibrations will become harmonized with those of Spirit so they may blend and become One – so that we may know ourselves to be ourselves while part of the Whole. It is then that God will become conscious in us and we may say, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”

An interesting article appeared in the June 2007 issue of Discover Magazine that describes the evaporation of the body of a devout lama in Eastern Tibet. Such cases have been referred to by Tibetan Buddhists as “rainbow bodies.” The article has 4 parts and also discusses the search for a soul. Read the article here: Soul Search

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More Guns or Fewer? – I have the answer, but you probably don’t want to hear it –

The killing of innocent children as well as adults has fueled the argument over whether we should have more or fewer guns. However, the argument ignores the need for more responsibility on the part of each one of us. This responsibility has nothing to do with guns – it is the responsibility of each of us to our God and to our neighbor.

I can hear you saying – Where was God when the innocents were being killed? – and I respond by saying that He has always been with us but we choose to ignore Him. I suggest the analogy of submerging ourselves in water. The air is freely available but if we choose to have our own way, do our own thing, demand our right to do what pleases us, and what pleases us is to remain submerged where there is no air, we cut ourselves off from its life-giving quality and condemn ourselves to suffocation.

Similarly, we can proclaim our “right” to do what pleases us without regard to its consequences and then cast blame on guns, the criminally insane, the irresponsible, bad parenting, video games, movies, TV, God, or any other scapegoat we might happen to think of or dislike that is outside of us. Everyone can find some one or some thing to blame, but no one can provide a solution to the problem that will finally and absolutely solve it.

I have the answer – but you don’t want to hear it. If you did, you would not be complaining because you would understand that the problem is not outside ourselves but inside ourselves. It is not an answer that people might consider because it has nothing to do with “doing.” Instead it has to do with “being” through our inner consciousness. It is the inner consciousness of separation (them vs. us), of denial (it’s their fault), of fear. It is a consciousness of a darkness that overcomes us while we worship it, enabling it to gain more strength within us while we blame everything and anything outside ourselves. And as this darkness gains power it causes more destruction in a multitude of ways both through man and through nature.

How much more will it take before we fall on our knees and cry out – “God save us from ourselves for we perish!”? How much more will it take before we understand that evil begets evil, and darkness cannot be conquered, but is only strengthened, by adding more darkness as separation, fear and hate?

So what is the answer? It is simple, not complicated at all – but it is not easy. The answer is LOVE. Love is the LIGHT that will dispel the darkness – but it can only do that if EVERY ONE OF US chooses to love.

We are conditioned to believe that power is gained by “doing” according to material means – through weapons, war, killing, destruction – and we are being shown that physical power and destruction is not the answer –physical power solves nothing – physical power only brings destruction, anxiety, stress, loss, and misery.

If we want joy, if we want harmony, if we want peace, we have to BE that peace, that harmony, that joy. But in order to have any of these we have to tend to what is inside us, not what is outside of us. We have to honor the God within every human being, regardless of how difficult that may be. But first we have to honor the God within ourselves for it is the self-ishness or ego orientation that keeps us from honoring our Creator. It is our worship of this false god of self within us that demands its rights without regard to the consequences, that fears its own destruction when it is overpowered by Love. This worship of the ego is the sin of pride and selfishness in which the first commandment to worship only the one, true God of Love, is broken.

All law is fulfilled when we love God above all else and our neighbors as ourselves. How much do we actually love ourselves when we abuse our bodies, the temples of God? How much do we love our neighbors when we think of them as unworthy for one reason or another? How much do we love God when we cease to believe in Him except to blame Him for what we have brought upon ourselves?

Yes, the answer is LOVE through cooperation with the God within us and outside of us. LOVE is the LIGHT that will dispel the darkness. There is no other way – just think about it. If everyone in the world had the power to kill, the last person alive would be the victor – of what? If everyone in the world had love within them there would be no need for power over another – think about it. What will it take to convince you – more disasters – more killings?

I hear you saying – Yes, but what you are talking about is an ideal way that does not exist, an ideal that cannot be accomplished. – And I would answer that the prayers of a few can save many, and the prayers of many can save many more. We don’t realize the power of prayer, of intention tuned to Love. The heartfelt energy of Love has been shown to be a powerful way to change conditions around us and can only be proven if it is applied and tested. As one consciousness is raised to God, the ability of others is made possible to do the same because we are all united in the one consciousness of God. When one is raised up, so will many be raised up as well.

medjugorje2Our Heavenly Mother has been asking us to come back to her Son for a long time now. She has appeared over the last several centuries in countries around the world. She has been pleading with us to re-think our materialistic ways and to understand that there can be no peace on earth until we find our way back to more spiritual values. She has been warning us that peace will be accomplished, either through great sorrow or through joy – it is up to EACH ONE OF US to decide. Choose thou!

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According to the Apostles’ Creed, Christians believe in the resurrection of the body. Edgar Cayce was asked what body, referred to in the Creed, will be resurrected? This was asked by those who believed in reincarnation – that a soul takes form in many different bodies in many different places and in many different lifetimes. Cayce answered that it refers to the physical body, the same body each individual had from the beginning and throughout the ages. Otherwise, he asks, how could it be individual? He further explained that when the unity of consciousness initially separated into individual beings, each being took on a shadow form (thought form) to provide for its individuality. Since each being had mind and will, it used the creative forces of which it was still a part, to create experiences that could feed or build a soul body. Once the soul enters the physical dimension it takes the matter it has drawn to itself to form another body. Although the physical body decays and dissolves, mind, being the builder, uses the vibrations the soul has accumulated to create a new body. What becomes of the body, he said, depends upon the choices that have been made. The destiny of the body, then, depends upon the individual. (Edgar Cayce Reading 262-86)

Because the soul uses those vibrations which it has experienced to build a physical body, an individual will find himself or herself in a body conforming to vibrations that produce health or infirmity, strength or weakness. This is where the balancing power of karma will have its effect.

While all of this may be difficult to believe, scientific research is proving it to be valid. Walter Semkiw, M.D. has written two books about reincarnation, Born Again, and Return of the Revolutionaries. The latter presents evidence–including photographs–that John Adams, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, and numerous other American Revolutionaries have been reincarnated as the political and spiritual leaders of today, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Marianne Williamson, Shirley MacLaine, and others, in order to begin a Spiritual Revolution. He documents past life recollections of people with current photos along with those of their recalled past life person. He found that facial features, body postures, and hand gestures can be consistent from one lifetime to another. He believes there is an “energy template” or possibly a holographic image that the developing fetus uses to shape the body.

Another interesting facet of this research was the finding that individuals did not necessarily reincarnate in the same ethnic affiliation, religion, nationality, race or gender from one lifetime to another. Dr. Semkiw maintains that once it is understood that Muslim Palestinians may become Jewish Israelis, Protestants may become Catholics, Islamic terrorists may become Christian Westerners and Shiites can become Sunnis, and vice versa, then it will make no sense to perpetuate violence on one another. He states that, “When we see ourselves as universal souls, we understand that we are all brothers and sisters who are evolving together through lifetimes on Earth.” More can be learned from his article, Principles of Reincarnation or How Reincarnation Works, available on the website of the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit (IISIS).

More information about these concepts can be found in my book, Spirit and Truth, Finding Clarification of Christian Beliefs through the Words of Scientists, Scriptures, Sages and Seers.