Mind Is the Builder.

God’s Mind is the original builder – a place of infinite possibilities, through which all things came to be. Within the Mind of God all things were conceived and brought to fruition. There, vibrations of spiritual energy condense into light, life-force, protons, electrons, atoms, and molecules, eventually reaching our dimension in which physical matter is produced.
Since man is the image of God, man’s mind may also conceive and bring forth material manifestations from spirit. In our three-dimensional experience, these manifestations begin as pure thought energies that form attitudes, desires, intentions, and motivations, eventually producing words and actions.
Waves of energy, like those of light and sound, are taken into the body through the mind’s windows of the five senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching/feeling). From these energies, received through mind, the soul’s body is formed. The soul’s body, which is composed of vibratory energies, is “built” through the energies continuously taken in through the mind.
That which the mind continuously “feeds” upon provides “food” for the soul. As the senses take in content, impressions are formed. Impressions become thoughts and thoughts become desires, intentions, motivations, and attitudes. Consistent motivations and attitudes become actions, and consistent actions become habits. Habits, or consistent ways of thinking and acting, form the personality and define who we are as physical beings.
Vibrations of energy, taken in through the senses, feed the mind, which in turn, feed the soul. You are what you eat in the physical sense, but what you become depends upon what you “feed” your mind. In this way, mind is the builder.
The positive power of the mind is emphasized in the beautiful, 30-minute meditation, “Asking for nothing, receiving everything,” available on our Meditations Page.