About Me

Samuel Mann is in his 70’s and lives in the Hudson Valley of New York State. He has a degree in biochemistry and is an avid reader of all things spiritual.

Samuel is a first-time author who combines his interest in spirituality with his background in science. An experienced researcher of technical information, his research extends into a wide variety of sources to find information of interest. These sources include the internet, books, psychic readings, and scientific findings. From such resources he has found a common thread explaining a variety of religious concepts. These have been put together in a book, available on amazon.com, called SPIRIT AND TRUTH, FINDING CLARIFICATION OF CHRISTIAN BELIEFS THROUGH THE WORDS OF SCIENTISTS, SCRIPTURES, SAGES AND SEERS.

The conclusions put forth in his book, as well as the blogs on this website, were drawn from the information gathered and discussed in his book. These conclusions, like those from any research, may not be totally correct, or acceptable by the reader. Therefore, it is important to note that each of us is required to find our own truth by applying the best of what we understand, for it is only in the application that we are able to nourish the seeds of information into blossoms of knowledge, and finally into the fruits of understanding as truths.

Just as the Buddha is said to have cautioned his followers to accept no teaching until they had tested it for themselves, and Gurdjieff asked his students to believe nothing he taught them that they could not verify for themselves, you are asked to be aware of the need to find your own Truth through your own path.

With this in mind, it is hoped that these blogs, as well as the book, will bring some deeper insight into Spirit, initiating a new way of thinking about “God,” along with our relationship to that which we imagine God to be.

Samuel Mann can be found on FaceBook as Samuel A. Mann with the signature photo SMannProfile